Dolphin Text Editor
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Provides extended text manipulation in any editor
It doesn't replace your current text editors - it makes them better

Are you annoyed by your text editor lacking the formatting you need?
Then Dolphin Text Editor can help.

And there is no need to abandon your favourite editor because Dolphin Text Editor will work with whatever software you're already using.

There are many different functions you can apply - sort lists, format XML, change capitalisation, and much more.

Whatever you are doing - from coding software, writing emails or simply posting on a forum - Dolphin Text Editor can make your life easier.

It sits quietly in your system tray, only appearing when you press a specific key combination. Then, with just a couple of clicks, it will change whatever text you've highlighted.

Download Dolphin Text Editor today and try it out for yourself.
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"An incredible time-saver that allows you to focus on getting your thoughts onto the computer. Dolphin Text Editor is a must for any writer."
The New York Prosecutors Training Institute

"Overall, we were impressed with Dolphin Text Editor, and we think it's a great choice for anyone who works with blocks of text regularly."

"It is an excellent tool to have on your PC when frequently working with text files."

"Say goodbye forever to dull Notepad and hello to many features that allow you to manage your work perfectly."

"This is especially useful if you do a lot of writing on the web."

"Dolphin Text Editor is a handy tool you can use anywhere to add many useful options to any text editor."

System Requirements

You will need to ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is installed on your PC.

We also recommend that your operating system has the most recent updates.

Dolphin Text Editor has been tested on Windows XP / Vista 32bit / Windows 7, 32bit + 64bit.